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Remy Latour Perfume & Attar is a brand by the French fragrance company “Parfums Parour”. Rémy Latour Perfume & Attar is well known for producing its fragrances for both men and women. Remy Latour was founded in 1986 in Paris, France, markets across the globe with 70 countries as their market. Rémy Latour Perfume & Attar offers 12 fragrances in their collection base, the first one having been launched in 1989. The brand is best known for its men’s fragrance Cigar, from 1996, which is its top-selling product. The slogan of Remy Latour is, “The Choice of Elegance.”

Rémy Latour has always remained a symbol of the grand tradition with long-lasting authenticity and the best quality. With elegant sophistication and balanced magical harmony, it brings life to its original creations.

Rémy Latour Perfumes and Attars

Rémy Latour produces a variety of perfumes for both men and women. Cigar by Remy Latour was launched back in 1996, which is its best-seller. It provides an Aromatic Fruity fragrance for men. Top notes are Plum, Pineapple, Bergamot, Pear, and Amalfi Lemon, middle notes are Marigold, Geranium, and Jasmine, and the base notes are Tobacco, Sandalwood, Virginia Cedar, and Musk.

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