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Kenzo is a Japanese fashion house founded in 1970 by designer Kenzo Takada. In 1988 Kenzo extended its business into the line of perfumes. Classic, contemporary, or visionary, womattaren’s and men’s perfumes produced by Kenzo are based on the values of life, strength, and a deep-rooted balance.
Kenzo de Kenzo or Ça Sent Beau was the first female perfume launched by Kenzo, while Kenzo pour Homme, launched in 1991, was the first male colon. Kenzo Flower, their signature fragrance is a modern and elegant fragrance with natural elements designed to add freshness and rebirth to contemporary city life. Kenzo Flower is a simple and unique scent designed to inspire modern, nature-loving city dwellers. Other popular Kenzo perfumes are Kenzo d’Ete, Kashaya de Kenzo, Kenzo Amour, and Kenzo Jungle L’Elephant. Men’s colognes are Kenzo Air, Kenzo Power, Kenzo Tokyo, and L’Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme.

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