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The House of Faberge Perfume was originally a jewelry company established in 1842 by Gustav Faberge in St. Petersburg, Russia. The Faberge Company expanded its line to fragrances. After that, the brand Faberge is known for their Faberge Perfumes worldwide.

Faberge perfumes have a rich culture of elegance and opulence that is noticeable in the fragrance profile of each unforgettable offering. Faberge perfume combines distinct, sophisticated components such as geranium, bergamot, and neroli to produce fragrances for distinguished wearers, men and women alike.

 Brut is one of the most famous fragrances ever released by Faberge. This male cologne was first introduced in 1964 and is a combination of spices, lavender, and amber combined with citrus and oak. Another famous Faberge Attar is Babe, a woman’s perfume that was introduced in 1977. Consists of 118 essences, Babe is a complex but lively fragrance that is as appealing as it is energetic. Other famous Faberge perfumes include Brut Revolution and Mcgregor, both are man colognes. Brut Black remains famous today as a beautifully attractive masculine cologne that mixes earthy notes with tangy and spicy highlights to stir up the senses and pique the interest of those the wearer encounters. A citrus blend is combined with vibrant, peppery basil and rich licorice-like notes of anise and lavender to build a stand-out accord supported by an additional blend of floral and woody notes. Altogether, the fragrance is attentive, sensual, and optimistic.

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