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Escada Perfume was launched by a team of husband and wife, Margaretha and Wolfgang Ley in 1976. Escada has since become the world’s leading multinational luxury brand on the global stage. Expanding its products to a demanding client base, a perfume, and a fragrance company was set up in 1990. Escada Perfumes reflects new beauty, chic glamour, and unparalleled sensuality, with Escada Perfumes and colognes capturing trendy and metropolitan allure. Like their fashion line, their fragrances are of excellent quality and are crafted with exceptional attention to detail. Escada Perfumes and colognes include timeless classics as well as innovative and ever-popular limited annual summer editions that are the core of their fragrance house.

Some of their popular Escada Attars are Acte 2, Into the Blue, Lily Chic, and Magnetism. When choosing Escada cologne for men, there is Moon Sparkle, which is magical and surprising, and Sun Heat, which has a vivid and colorful fragrance.

Escada Celebrate Now, one of the versatile Escada Perfume for today’s bold, self-confident woman. A top note of ginger creates a spicy, bold tone tempered by a middle note of sweet magnolia. The Escada Perfumes and Escada Attars have beautiful fresh, fruity, and earthly scents. These scents give anyone instant freshness and add charm to their personality and style.

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