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Clive Christian Perfume is a well-known industry of cosmetics and fragrance founded in London in 1999 by CLIVE CHRISTIAN. Its headquarters are located in London and England. It serves a large area including the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. It is a UK-based luxury perfume house selling its products through online stores too. The brand was acquired by Niche box which is a perfume holding company, in July 2019.


The crab apple blossom of Clive Christian is an invigorating citrus aquatic perfume that confiscates the signature spring flower apple blossom and fascinating marine bergamot in its top for a gleaming first incentive. It has 151 ingredients and an influential concentration of 25% for a lasting scent that trails on the skiing like blossoming branches on the spring shine.


Clive Christian No.1 attar represents the “non plus ultra” of British luxury. It holds the rarest and most precious ingredients, both for the fragrance and the bottle. The bottle is decorated with a white brilliant-cut diamond, making No1 the ultimate luxury perfume. It is so magnificent that it received the UK FIFI award for the special packaging in 2006.


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