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The house of Cartier was established by Louis-Francois Cartier in 1847. At first, the brand focused on jewelry and designed some intricate pieces of jewelry. The elegant jewelry became the reason for the success of Cartier. After that, the brand expanded its collections and launched some leather goods, scarves, and wristwatches. Then came the fragrance, the Cartier Perfumes. With the launch of Cartier Perfumes, the success of the brand multiplied. The first Cartier Perfume for women– Must de Cartier and for men– was Santos de Cartier, launched in 1981. Since then, Cartier has launched a popular range of Cartier Attars, many with the same name as the company’s jewelry collection.

A Cartier perfume is ideal for those women who want to stand out and explore their independence. Cartier fragrances are renowned for masterfully catching the mood of every affair with their combination of shock and allure in every glass. The Cartier La Panther Perfume is an elegant choice that mixes floral and musky notes with a sweet fragrance.

Declaration Cologne by Cartier, make your presence known with an air of overwhelming confidence after the sprinkling of the perfume, the bold fragrance of Cartier’s men. This unique cologne combines spicy, citrus, and woody chords with a vivid, enthralling fragrance that can be worn from early morning to late evening. Eau de Cartier Eau de Toilette and Baiser Vole Eau de Parfum are two of the most popular Cartier Perfume. Cartier Perfumes are distinct by their refreshing and pleasant scents.

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