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New, modern, romantic, free-spirited, bold: those words have always been summarised by Cacharel Perfume. Cacharel was a brand that young women wanted to wear from its early days, and its stunning debut perfume represented the sweet scent of success. The story started in 1958, when Jean Bousquet, trained as a tailor, created a range of ready-to-wear garments and accessories in Nimes. His first show was a big success. Cacharel became associated with femininity, lightness, elegance – and the use of vibrant colors: full of life. And that’s true of Cacharel today, almost 50 years on.

What put Cacharel on the road to success was the launch of Cacharel Perfumes in 1978 that became the signature of countless women – and remains their fragrance today. Cacharel Perfumes become famous as Cacharel Attars. Cacharel Attars is a huge line of attars each with a significant scent. The scent of Cacharel Perfumes catches attention every time a person passes by.

Cacharel Anaïs Anaïs, one of the first ‘available’ designer fragrances, its pure white floral beauty has kept it on the fragrant bestseller list ever since – and is repeatedly listed as the very first ‘love’ fragrance of well-known women all over the world. Cacharel Noa Perfume, the most authentic and general, this gentle floral is translucent and very wearable, offering a glimpse of a majestic and peaceful world. And there’s Amor Amor, the most favorite of Cacharel-lovers: sensual, intense, and attractive. Yes, I am is one of the most loving Cacharel Perfumes with fruity notes of raspberry and mandarin, giving way to a flourishing white floral heart.

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