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Launched in 2003 at the hands of Laurice Rahmé, The Bond No 9 Perfume company was an instant success. The Bond No. 9 Perfume manufacturers have established a great many luxurious boutiques all over Newyork to sell the aromatic fragrances. The Bond No.9 Perfume company chose to open its main and central outlet in NoHo District, Manhattan at 9 Bond Street.

The products are for both men and women. Their signature scent is Bond No. 9 Perfume. With a rare 30 percent pure perfume concentration, they created a New York Oud with Oud extract and notes of Rose, Tonka Beans, and Musk. This amazing scent marked the 10th anniversary of Bond No. 9’s boutique.

Their new oils are much more concentrated than the regular Eau de Parfum and do not contain any alcohol. With this new line, Bond No. 9 targets customers who cannot use any products containing alcohol. And a new packaging was also introduced for this line, inspired by Asian / Arabian perfume amphoras.

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