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Buy Arabic Fragrances Online

Arabic Fragrances and attars are one of the essential components of the Arab World. Especially the Oud Attars have been famous in their region for centuries. The Arabs are one of the pioneers in attar-making, but it is still an important part of their culture. It is also one of their major export. Both genders use attars religiously.
It is said that they believe that fragrances attract angels and repel evil spirits. The most commonly used attars are musk, oud, rose, jasmine, amber, etc. Women also like to infuse their clothing and hairs with bakhoor or oud smoke. These are popular all over the world as they have quite exotic and luxurious smells. Mostly they have the aromatic notes of jasmine, amber, musk, rosy, and oud.

Arabic fragrances perfume in wholesale rates in Pakistan

It isn’t easy for an Arabic Attar lover in Pakistan to know that not many options are available here. And those which are available are not very budget-friendly. You will be pleased to know that our website has a wide variety of Arabic Attar’s range and that too in wholesale rates. This is the best site with a safe and secure delivery service to satisfy your craving for Arabic perfumes.
You get three quantity options; 100ml, 500 ml, and 1 liter. So you can easily select according to your needs. Place and confirm your order through email, and the phone number is 021-32633261 to reply to any of your queries.

Not only in Pakistan, but we deliver these beautiful products in Afghanistan and Iran as well. With excellent customer support, you will not regret your shopping experience from our site. Prices vary from RS. 880 to 59,100 to give you a lot of different options.