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Antonio Puig is a company founded by a Spanish art aristocrat named Antonio Puig in the year,1914. 100% of the company is owned by the same family even today. From the start, they made fragrances and cosmetics their company’s primary focus. Its icon fragrance, the Aqua Lavenda was launched in the 1940s, and since then, it has produced many breathtaking fragrances.

Their Perfumes are loved worldwide. The brand’s Attar price ranges drastically vary. They can be found at wholesale in Afghanistan at different websites including ‘’. On the same websites, they can be found at wholesale in Iran. For its  Attar wholesale in Afghanistan, it can be found on websites such as ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, and many more.

The perfumes, especially the Quorum Cologne, emits an aroma, filled with passion. It possesses the ability to enhance a Men’s personality to such an extent that it catches the attention of every passerby.

Agua Brava cologne is another one of their Perfumes. This ambrosial scent has a touch of classic intoxication. The sweetness it has is rich enough to get heads turned. This fragrance from the 1960s can be a Men’s signature look. Its piquant macho framework includes the Amalfi Lemon, nuanced lavender, parts of bergamot, some juniper as well as gin-tinged woody.

Filled with floral noted, the Aqua Quorum Cologne is one of the exceptional Antonio Puig Perfumes. Perfect to boost your confidence; this strongly scented piece stands the test of time. The earthy feeling it effuses is powerful enough to redefine your personality. It reflexively builds your enigmatic connection with nature, so it is best to enhance your overall presentation.

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